GEPL. Was a part of MECO. Group established in 1962 / In 1977 a Separate Company was established under name of “ GOLIYA ELECTRICALS PVT. LTD.” At Vapi to meet the increasing demand of Current Transformer & Shunts. Electrical Measaricy Instruments, Now GEPL have our own Marketing & Manufacturing.

Facilities to market the Product under brand name “ MECO – V “ / Goliya a registered trade mark.

Products Manufactured

  1. Moving Iron Panel & Switch Board Instruments, & Portable Instruments.
  2. Moving Coil Panel & Switch Board Instruments & Portable Moving Coil Meters.
  3. L.T. Current Transformers
  4. Frequency Meter – Vibrating Reed & Pointer Type
  5. Cell Testers & Shunts & Ohms Meters.
Products are Supplied to various Organisation like State Electricity Boards, Power Generation Stations. Railways, Refineries, Panel Manufacturers, Technical Education & Research Institute, Gov & Public Organization like Bhel, Keltron, NTPC, Dep of Tele communication, Ministry of Defence etc.

Mr. Navrattanmal Goliya

Vapi - (0260), 2420444 / 3950566

Mumbai – (022), 24120456 / 24133206 / 24165351
Vapi - (0260) 2430497
Mumbai - (022) 24168498 / 24140629

Vapi -

Mumbai -

Regi. No.
11 - 19021 Date. 20/5/76
04/19/60198/PMT/SSI Date. 29/7/77.


Moving Iron AC Panel
MI4P [110MM DIA] Projected


MI4PD [110MM DIA] Pedestal
S72 [72 X 72MM] Quadrant
S96 [96 X 96 MM] Quadrant
S144 [144 X 144MM] Sq. Quadrant
Table Top Meter AC Meter
SO-65 [65mm] Round
SR65 [80MM]Square
SR100 [100 x 80MM] Square
Moving Coil DC Panel
MI72 [72x 72MM] Quadrant

MI96 [96x96MM] Quadrant

MC4F [110 Dia ] Flush

M144 [144x144MM] Quadrant

Table Top Meter DC Meter

MR65 [80MM] Square
MR100 [100x80MM] RECT
Moving Coil AC Rectifier
CI72 [72x72mm] Quadrant
CI96 [96x96MM] Quadrant
MC4F [Round Flush]
C144 Quadrant
Portable Meters
Portable Meters AC
Portable Meters DC
Current Transformers
Ohms Meter
Shunts & Miniature Shunts.
Cell Testers.
Frequency Meters.
Vibrating Reed Type
SFR72 [ 72x 72 mm]
SFR96 [ 96x96mm]
SFR144 [144x144mm]
SFR144 D [Double Scale]
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