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Goliya electricals Pvt. Ltd., in a name synonym with quality products relating to Electrical and Electronics Test and Measuring Instruments. It has been an effort of over 40 years that has positioned Meco-V in a different league, and it today stands head and shoulders above any other company in this business.

It all began in 1962, when we started as a trading organisation. It has been a long journey since then, and Meco-V today is one of the largest manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Test and Measuring Instruments in India. Incidentally, Meco-V is also the largest exporter of these instruments.

We are an ISO9001:2008 company offering time tested, reliable and affordable instruments for more than four decades. Our team of 100 skilled, unskilled and trained personnel are equipped with complete in – house facility for development and manufacturing of Electrical and Electronics Testing and Measuring Instruments and Transducers. We have a network of over 100 dealers who effectively channel our products in the entire Indian subcontinent with good penetration. Our products are exported to almost all the continents over the world through local agents and representatives.

Quality Control
The company has many world famous sophisticated & accurate standard instruments from reputed manufacturers such as FLUKE, YEW, KIKUSUI, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES (Formerly HP) etc. to maintain quality of the products manufactured by the company.

The Company has had a very good growth record and has a positive growth rate. Our engineers are trained abroad in various fields to incorporate the latest technologies in design and manufacturing.

Sales Network
The Company has a dealer network of over 100 dealers all over the country and has dealers overseas.

After sales service is provided from Service Center at Mumbai & Bangalore . Our Mumbai address is:-

Mr. Navrattanmal Goliya

Vapi - (0260), 2420444 / 3250566

Mumbai – (022), 24120456 / 24133206 / 24165351
Vapi - (0260) 2430497
Mumbai - (022) 24168498 / 24140629

Vapi - vapi@goliya.com

Mumbai - sales@goliya.com


Regi. No.
11 - 19021 Date. 20/5/76
04/19/60198/PMT/SSI Date. 29/7/77.
Moving Iron AC Panel
MI4P [110MM DIA] Projected


MI4PD [110MM DIA] Pedestal
S72 [72 X 72MM] Quadrant
S96 [96 X 96 MM] Quadrant
S144 [144 X 144MM] Sq. Quadrant
Table Top Meter AC Meter
SO-65 [65mm] Round
SR65 [80MM]Square
SR100 [100 x 80MM] Square
Moving Coil DC Panel
MI72 [72x 72MM] Quadrant

MI96 [96x96MM] Quadrant

MC4F [110 Dia ] Flush

M144 [144x144MM] Quadrant

Table Top Meter DC Meter

MR65 [80MM] Square
MR100 [100x80MM] RECT
Moving Coil AC Rectifier
CI72 [72x72mm] Quadrant
CI96 [96x96MM] Quadrant
MC4F [Round Flush]
C144 Quadrant
Portable Meters
Portable Meters AC
Portable Meters DC
Current Transformers
Ohms Meter
Shunts & Miniature Shunts.
Cell Testers.
Frequency Meters.
Vibrating Reed Type
SFR72 [ 72x 72 mm]
SFR96 [ 96x96mm]
SFR144 [144x144mm]
SFR144 D [Double Scale]
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